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Atlas seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Howe, Roger
Dear All, The case of SL2 has been long understood (and was one of the critical examples that inspired Harish-Chandra to conjecture the Plancherel formula for semi simple G), and ATLAS was created to do everything else. But if you are not completely familiar with SL2, and would like to learn it in detail, let me recommend the book Non Abelian Harmonic Analysis: Applications of SL2, a Springer Universitext by Eng-Chye Tan and me. Best, Roger
Robert Yuncken
Administrative question: Will the video of last week’s talk go online?
David A Vogan
I’m sorry, I thought it already had. I’ll do that in the next twenty minutes.
Robert Yuncken
Marvellous, thanks!