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MIT RAISE Seminar Series: Prof. David Touretzky, Carnegie Mellon University
TITLE: Beyond Computational Thinking: AI Thinking in K-12

ABSTRACT: Our education system is still struggling to absorb the transformative effects of networked computing on society and the increasing importance of computational thinking skills. Individual states, each in their own way, are progressing toward providing appropriate education in computing for all students. Now we face a new challenge: helping students understand artificial intelligence (AI) technology to prepare them for even greater societal changes on the horizon. Fortunately, many of the big ideas in AI are accessible to middle and even elementary school students if framed correctly. In this talk I will explore what "artificial intelligence thinking" could look like in K-12, and some of the efforts underway world-wide to develop curriculum and educational resources to make this a reality.

Researchers from across MIT are creating new approaches and tools for teaching AI to engage learners in settings from preK-12 to the workforce through a new initiative called MIT RAISE or Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education. The initiative aims to foster and enrich AI literacy for everyone, not just for those with college degrees and a background in computer science. People are already learning to embrace AI technology creatively, but they must also learn to apply it responsibly, equitably and ethically. Headquartered in the MIT Media Lab, RAISE is a collaboration with the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing and MIT Open Learning. The initiative engages in research coupled with education and outreach efforts to advance new knowledge and innovative technologies that supports how diverse people learn about AI, as well as how AI can help to better support human learning. Through Open Learning and the Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL), RAISE reaches into a global network where equity and justice are key. Visit https://raise.mit.edu for more info.


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